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Laminate Flooring

Once considered a shoddy substitute for natural hardwood, today’s laminate flooring is anything but inferior. Modern technology has made laminate floors look more realistic than ever before. You’ll be surprised at how close they resemble hardwood & tile floors.



At L & M Carpet One Floor & Home of Mechanicsville, VA, we can help you embrace the perfect combination of style and substance with our incredible collection of laminate flooring options. Proudly serving home and business owners throughout Hanover County and greater Richmond, we feature state-of-the-art laminate flooring for every space and setting.


Laminate vs Hardwood


If you’re looking for a floor that fits your budget and looks realistic, consider laminate flooring. These manufactured products are significantly less expensive than hardwood or stone. Dents and scratches are less likely to occur in laminated floors compared to hardwood. Laminate floors never need refinishing. Digital printing technology has come a long way, and even though laminate cannot bring the same dollar value, it’s easy to enjoy the looks you love.


Is Laminate Flooring Waterproof?


Compared to hardwood and other hard surfaces, laminate flooring is beautiful, bold, and very budget friendly. Although most laminate planks aren’t fully waterproof, they all offer reliable moisture resistance. Laminate flooring is preferred by those with little kids or pets, and is a smart and stunning choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms, finished basements, and kitchens. For spaces requiring added reinforcement, consider Mirror Lake Performance Flooring, our exclusive waterproof laminate collection.


Laminate Flooring Installation


Laminate flooring comes in floating floor options. Floating floors are easier to replace since significantly less labor is required. They’re fast and easy to install, and you can walk on them the same day. Unlike actual hardwood, laminate requires less maintenance. Still, it’s good to pay attention: spills need to be wiped away promptly, and regular sweeping or mopping is recommended.



Laminate installation is often viewed as a DIY project, but that might not be the best option for everyone. There are significant aspects of the installation process that will be better completed by an experienced professional. Consider both scenarios to decide if you should do it alone or have your new floor installed by a pro.



An above-grade room with a simple shape might be very do-able as a DIY project. But when you start dealing with below-grade rooms, potential moisture concerns, oddly shaped rooms, closets, doorways, and distinct types of transitions you are looking at exponentially increasing value from hiring a pro. They will be faster because they will have all the tools and experience needed to deal with those challenges. When installing laminate flooring in your kitchen, as an example, speed is important since your appliances will need to be out of the room for the duration of the install. The sooner you get your kitchen back, the better.


Our Laminate Flooring Selection


L & M Carpet One Floor & Home proud to be part of North America’s most expansive independently owned flooring cooperatives. Here, you’ll find the latest selections from popular brands like Mirror Lake Performance Flooring, among others. Please visit us soon at 6156 Mechanicsville Turnpike in Mechanicsville, VA, to learn more about our laminate selection.


More on Laminate Flooring


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Caring for Laminate Floors


One of laminate's biggest advantages is its easy maintenance. Laminate manages most spills and stains, and some of our laminate options can even be wet mopped.