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Hardwood & Humidity

How does Humidity Affect Hardwood?


Hardwood flooring is set on the top of many of our wish lists, with its organic beauty and affluent visuals. Virginia’s hot, hazy summers pose an annual concern, making it important to make informed decisions well ahead of your hardwood installation. We can help you plan – and choose- your flooring with care at L & M Carpet One Floor & Home in Mechanicsville, VA.



With our ample expertise and expansive hardwood flooring inventory, spanning both solid and engineered products, it’s always our goal to ensure a successful installation and a long happy life for your new floor. Here are a few things to keep in mind if your heart’s set on hardwood flooring.


Relative Humidity and Your Floors


The relative humidity level inside your home can fluctuate along with the seasons. Relative humidity- simply put, the level of water vapor in your home’s air- should be constantly monitored to ensure a safe environment for hardwood. If the relative humidity level is too high, your floor planks can quickly swell or warp. A lower than ideal relative humidity level can cause your boards to shrink or crack. Neither of these situations will bode well over time!



Our flooring experts strongly recommend maintaining a 42 percent relative humidity level as a constant goal. This is easy to achieve using tools like hydrometers or humidistats. Depending on the season, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and insulated drapes can also be helpful tools to have on hand.



To learn more about hardwood flooring and its specific care requirements, please call us soon at (804) 417-6395 to speak with one of our friendly hardwood flooring specialists.

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