Benefits of Residential Carpets

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Perhaps you moved to a new home or maybe you just need to change your floors but you have a new flooring project in your agenda. You can choose solid hardwood, laminate, sheet vinyl or tile for all your flooring needs. In addition to those options, you can always decide to go with a more traditional look like carpet.  Carpet is the home flooring standard and it has been a part of homes for a long time. There are many reasons that carpeting is the flooring of choice for millions of homeowners.

Why choose carpet?

One significant benefit of carpet is that it is often the one thing that helps bring rooms together.  More than paint or furniture, carpets have beautiful colors and patterns that can contribute to making any room lighter or darker—depending on your taste and style.  A practical benefit of carpet is the warmth it provides.  Not only does it provide a warm place to play with a baby, a puppy or a kitty, but it helps keep homes warmer by acting as an insulator. Many people will think about lying on the floor while watching a movie or television show with the whole family or lying down after a big holiday meal. Carpets often remind us of cozy feelings of family. People don’t always think about the fact that carpets are easier to keep clean than other floors.  A good vacuuming is enough to enjoy clean carpets. If you are worried about spills and stains, L&M Carpet One has exclusive stain resistant brands that will give you the peace-of-mind you are looking. People with carpets also see fewer dust particles in the air.  That is because those particles stay in the carpet until they can be vacuumed, rather than being stirred up every time someone walks through the room.  Another advantage of carpets is that they are easier for toddlers and older people to walk on.  Wood floors tend to be slicker and the transition between the wood and a rug is also a hazard. There are many reasons to choose carpets.  Their looks and style provide variety while they make homes feel and look warmer.  

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